Thinking about a Greener Christmas this year?  We are!
Christmas is a great opportunity to start a family or your own tradition of giving back to the earth and instilling the values of sustainable living for your yourself or children, friends, and community. If you are looking for inspiration we have done a little research and found some great ideas for you penned by the team at eartheasy – solutions for sustainable living in their ‘How to Have a Green Christmas Guide’.

Here are a few of their ideas on how to ‘Connect with Nature’ our favourites:

  • Annual Christmas Day Bird Count – head out with family and friends into the countryside or the garden with binoculars and notepad. Make Potpourri of fir cones and seeds in a wooden bowl on table a note of the birds you see and each year, repeat the walk and see how this changes. Bird watching is so rewarding (we know from our Safaris) and there is always a surprising discovery to made.
  • Nature Hike – chose a special walk to do after Christmas meal – then stick to the plan and do the walk. A great way to walk off Christmas pud and to revitalise.
  • Nature Restoration Activity – plant a tree in your garden to replace the many cut down at this time of year, or spend an hour enhancing an area of your garden, to acknowledge nature as a source of our wellbeing.
  • Decorate a tree for the birds – Hang seed bells, suet, or pine cones on a tree in your garden – somewhere in the open where cats can be seen easily by the birds. It offers an important food source for birds during the winter and it will be a delight to watch – and don’t forget those binoculars and notebook to identify and record the birds that come to enjoy the nibbles.

For the full inspirational guide click here 👉 How to Have a Green Christmas

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