Many of the people who travel on our Safaris are keen Safari Photographers as well as those keen on wildlife, nature, conservation and the outdoors. Throughout the trip, one of the most enjoyable aspects for me is to capture not only some spectacular wildlife shots, but also the guests as they are enjoying the trip. To tell the story of the safari.

Highlights & sightings of note from this particular Safari were:

Superb lion and cheetah sightings – the latter had her 3 young cubs with her and we watched her as she hid her cubs safely, then stalked, chased and caught an Ostrich, and then called her cubs to join her to feed on the carcass.  We enjoyed spectacular sightings of elephant, waterbuck, cardinal woodpeckers, spoonbills, buffalo, porcupine, herds of buffalo and some magnificent hippo sightings – in and out of the water. As our Safaris are run during the South African springtime, we spotted a few hippo babies and juveniles with the adults. These hippo sightings were some of the best I have seen. There is something very special about a baby hippo, for me it is right up there with seeing baby rhino, and a baby giraffe or a baby zebra – unlike a human baby – these mammals are miniature versions of the adult form, just more playful and thus delightful to observe.

Our community trip is always special. It is always such a pleasure to meet the artists behind the artworks the we admire and enjoy in the camps and lodges we visit. These people are always in my experience, humble, extremely talented and engaging. In africa ancestors play an important role and many of the local artists we visit talk about how they are inspired by their ancestors to produce the waonderful sculptures, carvings, and beadwork and paintings they create.

We also enjoyed a special photography trip to an area where we could sit peacefully watching the game and birds come and go to and from a waterhole.  On our final day, the staff at our lodge treated us to a wonderful picnic in a gorge with flowing stream surrounded by Waterberry trees and an abundance of birds.

The link to our ‘Highlights & Top 10’ photos from this Safari is here: 2018 Limpopo Rustic Safari Photo Album  

Our thanks to our wonderful guests who made this such a special Safari for us all. We part as friends, and with wonderful memories and hope to meet many of you again soon on another Alexandra’s Africa Safari.

Our next Safari is our Limpopo Classic Safari:  25th October to 3rd November 2018.

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