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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it is an opportunity for us to reflect on relationships and the important role the mother – your mum perhaps – plays in the family.  Very often this is a caring, guiding and nurturing role, becoming over time, a friendship and perhaps companionship. Your mum might be, or might have been, your inspiration, your confidante, your soulmate – perhaps the glue that bonds the family. Mothers are so many wonderful and meaningful things, often making many sacrifices to be so.

In nature it is exactly the same, a lioness will watch over, groom and feed her cubs, and when they are a little older, will teach them to hunt and catch their prey. An elephant will gently teach her little calf to use their tiny trunks, and a giraffe will watch over and encourage her new-born to quickly stand and then run on their long, thin wobbly legs – in all these cases, the mother remains ever vigilant, and will sacrifice all to protect their young. In nature this nurturing and caring often continues for years – well into adulthood.

There are many cases as well in nature where the mother is all of the above, and leads the group, the colony or the tribe: honey bees, killer whales, elephants, spotted hyaenas, lions, meerkats and ants – all are examples of these matriarchal societies where females are the leaders!

Nature itself is indeed wonderful – perhaps that is why we call it ‘Mother Nature’ – recognising these life-giving qualities.

So consider taking the time in March on Mother’s Day to reflect on and recognise those special qualities, and spoil your mum to a gift, a treat, or a trip. If you mother has a love of nature and the outdoors and has always wanted to go on a Safari – then do get in touch with us – she will be in safe hands and will enjoy the treat of a lifetime!

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