Alexandra standing with Eco-Lodge Managers with lodge and mountains in background
We couldn’t resist sharing this wonderful picture from last year’s Safari season with you. Here I am with the management team (Joyce and Lukas) at our favourite eco-village & game lodge, right up in the drier north of South Africa, just south of the Limpopo River.  It is a happy picture – and one that serves as a reminder and an inspiration for me and all the team at Alexandra’s Africa – to keep our focus on our sustainability mission.
It feels a long time ago now.
The last few months have been extremely challenging for us all, and we remain concerned about many of our off-the-beaten track suppliers – lodges, artists, museums, game reserves – as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. As a team we are doing what we are able to to support them through donations for food parcels and promoting deserving causes on this platform. We are also hard at work planning for next year, making changes to our website as we introduce new products, challenging ourselves to find ways to be even more sustainable – this is all work that is very much in progress.
Despite all that has happened on the planet or perhaps even more, because of it… We remain committed to our sustainability mission to invest in wildlife, art and culture to create opportunity for value share for all our incredible suppliers, partners and our wonderful guests past and those we look forward to meeting in the future.
Alexandra’s Africa was founded in Dec 2012 – so we are nearly 10 years old! We started as a sustainable safari tour operating company. We have never been anything else. As tourism very slowly re-emerges from the impact of Covid19 we are actively engaged in the move for all in the industry to foster a new form of tourism that is far more sustainable, respectful and responsible and aware of impact of people, environment and economies.
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We would love the opportunity to stay in touch – respectfully.
Keep well – Keep Safe!
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