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“To all the wild swimmers out there –  we applaud you…”

I recently heard a talk on Radio 4 about water. It caught my attention because water is such a valuable commodity, none more so than in Africa.  But the focus of the talk was on what is now called ‘wild’ or ‘open water’ swimming in fresh water in Hampshire. In my day – we just used to call it swimming – but that shows my age -and it was all a bit wilder then! This passion has been sweeping Britain for the past decade.  Much of the attraction we understand is not just the sense of freedom, but also reconnecting with nature through the immersion into the icy cold fresh water and being surrounded by the wildlife visible on the banks, such as herons, swans, deer and birds that hover overhead (perhaps bemused), whilst one is enjoying one’s wild swim!  Some of the local wild swimming spots for us here in the New Forest (according to Hampshire-Life) are Calshot Beach, Tanners Lane in Lymington, Test Marshes in Redbridge, Andark Lake, Eastleigh Lakeside, The River Itchin to mention a few.

I think the idea of ‘wild swimming’ appeals to us here at Alexandra’s Africa, because we too are passionate about nature, and ‘wild’ and ‘freedom’ and experiencing nature as we do on our Safaris and our Retreats are concepts and ideologies we certainly relate to.  So this New Year – to all the wild swimmers out there –  we applaud you. You are truly kindred spirits!  My own New Year’s resolution:  to try at least one wild swim this year – hopefully some of my team will join me 😉 …

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