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What is the Safari Location?2021-08-01T19:03:55+01:00

Our Hosted Safari locations (the Classic 10 and the Explorer 12) and all our Retreat locations are situated in the vast, drier, northerly region of Limpopo Province in South Africa.  Our Explorer 12 Hosted Safari location is in this same northerly region of Limpopo, South Africa – but also extends further north into the southern region of Botswana. The map below illustrates our Hosted Safari range.

Our Tailored Safaris run based on the choice of our guests – usually following our recommendations. The most popular regions to visit are the Victoria Falls region in Zimbabwe and the Chobe and Okavango regions of Botswana. Guests often add a long weekend in the beautiful Cape region (South West of South Africa), to close out or start off their trip.



Limpopo Explorer Map



What safari reference books would be useful?2021-08-01T19:06:48+01:00

Our local teams have plenty of guide books – but if you would like your own safari reference books or to review in advance – we find the following pocket guides and reference books useful as they are light and easy to carry:

 On Birds:
Birds of Southern Africa (Pocket Guide) by Ian Sinclair or similar version by Burger Cillie – both are good:
Click here for a link to the Ian Sinclair book on Amazon.co.uk
Click here for a link to the Burger Cillie book on Amazon.co.uk

 On Mammals:
Mammals of Southern Africa (Pocket Guide) by Chris & Mathilde Stuart – or the similar one by Burger Cillie – both are good:
Click here for a link to the Chris & Mathilde Stuart book on Amazon.co.uk
Click here for a link to the Burger Cillie book on Amazon.co.uk

 On Stargazing:
Stargazing: From Game Reserves in Southern Africa by Anthony Fairall
Click here for the link on Amazon.co.uk

Is it safe to go on Safari in South Africa?2021-08-01T19:13:12+01:00

Running a safe Safari is vital, and is why we have chosen our area of operation. The areas we operate in are very safe. The safaris are hosted and you will be with your host and guides throughout. Our Tailored Safaris are not hosted, by we will only recommend areas that we know are safe to visit, and for all transfers and activities, you will be with experienced guides.  That said, all the normal precautions that one should take when travelling should be adhered to.  We provide all the necessary guidance in our pre-Safari checklists.


Are your Safaris suitable for children?2021-08-01T19:22:59+01:00

Yes our Tailored Safaris are perfect for children over the age of 4 – and they are wonderful opportunities for shared learning. But please note that some of our accommodation has unprotected raised platforms, and swimming pools are unfenced and unsupervised.

Please note however that there are not many activities for children, and quiet patience is often required, whilst observing wildlife in nature. There is also limited WiFi.

Parents travelling with children must carry an unabridged birth certificate for each child, for entry into South Africa at Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo Airport.

Our Hosted Safaris and Retreats appeal more to adult/mature travellers.

What do I need to pack for my Safari?2021-08-01T19:27:19+01:00

We provide our guests with a detailed ‘pre-safari’ check list that lists everything that will be required on the Safari, that is not already provided.

Please contact us if you would like us to send you a checklist – whether you are travelling with Alexandra’s Africa or not. We would be delighted to assist!

What birds might we see?2021-08-01T19:35:40+01:00
The region we operate our Safaris in is one of the most exciting birding destinations in South Africa for beginners and experienced birders – with over 600 species having been recorded of which 420 are resident. Birding on safari is easy, colourful, at times amusing and very enjoyable.
The following is a checklist of birds you might see on your Safari or Retreat:
Ostrich, grebe, cormorant, heron, stork, duck, vulture, kestrel and falcon, eagle, kite, hawk, crake, gallinule, korhaan, jacana, wader, courser, pigeons and doves, turaco and parrots, cuckoo, coucal, owl, nightjar, swift, mousebird, kingfisher, roller, chat, hoopoe & hornbill, ground hornbill, shrike, oriole, starling, oxpecker, sunbird, sparrow, weaver, drongo, quelea & bishop, batis, widowbird, bee-eater, barbet, woodpecker, finch, waxbill, wagtail, thrush, manakin, whydah, crane, plover, canaries and buntings, tit, lark, bulbul, swallow & Martin, weaver, sandpiper, sandgrouse, ibis, robin, lapwing, hamerkop, parrots, heron and spoonbill.
Please contact us if you would like a checklist of birds for the region you will be visiting!
What animals might we see?2021-08-01T19:41:29+01:00
As the animals are wild in all our game reserve locations, game viewing is unpredictable – which is what makes a safari holiday so exciting!
You will see (and hear) a number of animals from the list below:
Larger Animals
Elephant, crocodile, white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, buffalo, lion, cheetah, hippopotamus, giraffe, zebra, warthog, porcupine, baboons and monkeys.
From the antelope family you will see eland, kudu, nyala, impala, blue wildebeest, tsessebe, red hartebeest, sable, gemsbok, waterbuck, duiker, reedbuck, steenbuck, klipspringer and if we are lucky, the very shy bushbuck.
Smaller Animals
Jackal, rock hyrax, hares, mongoose, terrapins and turtles.
Less common Animals as they are nocturnal or rare
Aardvark (antbear), spotted hyena, brown hyena, black rhino, ardwolf, pangolin, leopard and genet.
On our Explorer Safaris you might also see (and hear): 
Bat-eared fox and suricate (meerkat).
Is there an age limit?2021-08-01T19:43:24+01:00

There is a lower limit – we cannot take children under the age of 4 years of age.
The is NO upper age limit!  The only guidance we offer on this is: (1) the traveller must be eligible for personal travel insurance, and (2) as we are often driving in open, off-road 4-wheel drive vehicles, it can get a little bumpy at times, and our guests need to be able to climb in and out of a game vehicle (our game rangers are always on hand to assist).
Last year we had a number of guests of 80+ years of age wonderful!

What is the size of your small-groups?2021-08-01T19:52:27+01:00

Our group sizes on our Safaris and Retreats are as follows:

  • On our Hosted Safaris we are able to take up to 8 guests per Safari.
  • On our Tailored Safaris – we can take any size – this is entirely dependent on the guests.
  • On our Retreats we are able to take up to 10 guests per Retreat.
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