Alexandra's Africa What's On Feb 2020


The Tour Operator’s Dilemma!

We are looking forward to presenting our Talk on ‘Safari in Southern Africa: The Tour Operator’s Dilemma’ at Greedo in Lymington, UK.

In this talk Alexandra addresses this critical dilemma that has overwhelmed the travel industry:
Climate Change Vs Sustainable Tourism.

Tourism is now the world’s biggest industry generating
global revenues in excess of US$ 1.7 Trillion, employing 1 in 10 people globally. Tourism growth at 4% has outstripped GDP growth for the past 5 years and these trends are increasing according to

According to the UN World Tourism Organization and the World Travel and Tourism Council, travelers spend more than $200 billion dollars in developing countries every year. Given this spend, tourism is now one of the top income-generating industries in well over 80% of all developing countries. Tourism is thus an undeniably powerful tool for generating prosperity and jobs as well as a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship according to UNWTO and WTTC. Because of this income and employment-generating potential, governments and communities have come to value and protect the resource base on which tourism depends. This gives the wonderful animals and landscapes – nature, biodiversity, the environments – that we love to visit and see, value in their living!

Whilst at the same time, there is an outcry over climate change and the need to reduce air traffic given the perception that carbon emissions from jet engines are so damaging to the environment. It is the travel industry that tourism depends on to transport our guests to their destinations. But is this broad- brush tarnishing justified and is it helpful?

During this talk Alexandra examines this dilemma and puts the spotlight first on the problem of carbon emissions and the main carbon emitters of our modern world. Are long haul flights really the bad boys on the carbon emissions scale? And is it the occasional long-haul travellers doing the damage? What would happen if flying was stopped or became too expensive for all but the very wealthy? What would become of the tourism spending that developing nations depend on? What would this mean for communities, for conservation, for bio-diversity?

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