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As we have always believed at Alexandra’s Africa – it is now official! Global wildlife tourism generates five times more revenue than illegal wildlife trade annually… according to new research from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

In 2018, #wildlifetourism directly contributed $120.1bn to global GDP, versus the $23bn in revenue attributed to the illegal trade in wildlife, or 5.2 times more, according to new research from the World Travel & Tourism Council #WTTC.

This includes viewing and experiencing animals in their natural habitat, which accounts for 4.4% of all direct tourism GDP last year and directly provided 9.1 million jobs worldwide.

Released on World Elephant Day (last month), the research shows that the total economic contribution of wildlife tourism totals $343.6bn – equivalent to the entire economy of Hong Kong.

Asia-Pacific forms the largest regional market worth $53.3bn in direct GDP and responsible for 4.5 million jobs. In second place is Africa, where 3.6 million people are employed through wildlife tourism, which was worth $29.3bn last year.

According to #GloriaGuevara, President & CEO, WTTC marked the release of this research, which falls on World Elephant Day, by saying, “Our message to tourism businesses, employees and visitors across the globe is that wildlife is worth far more alive than dead.

So whether this is argued from a tangible value as in this case, or from an intangible ethical and sustainability perspective where as human beings we have a moral duty simply to protect biodiversity, animals, nature and the environment – the case is clear.

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