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May 2021

Community Conservation: A Great Example


Community Conservation SOUTH AFRICAN CONSERVATIONIST LUCY KEMP WINS 2021 WHITLEY AWARD FOR COMMUNITY APPROACH TO CONSERVING THE SOUTHERN GROUND-HORNBILL! South African culture is steeped in stories of community conservation - but this one is rather special. Southern Ground-Hornbill, numbers are declining as human impact mounts. South African conservationist, Lucy Kemp,  has received a prestigious Whitley [...]

Community Conservation: A Great Example2021-09-02T11:50:19+01:00

October 2019

Human-Elephant Conflict Resolution – What Options?


Humane Ways To Keep The Peace Between Humans And Elephants by Jonathan Hemmings The news that Botswana has lifted its ban on hunting elephants has brought the topic of effective methods of mitigating human-elephant conflict and other conflict between wildlife and humans to the fore. The president of Botswana, Mokgweetsi Masisi, has justified the lifting [...]

Human-Elephant Conflict Resolution – What Options?2022-08-15T17:50:40+01:00

May 2019

True Wildlife Conservation Is What We’re About!


The Issues of Human-Wildlife Interaction! For some a trip to Southern Africa must include, not just photographs of the area’s magnificent wildlife, but pictures of them directly interacting with these wild animals – for example, petting lion cubs, riding elephants or walking with cheetahs. On an Alexandra’s Africa Safari however, you will only get up close and [...]

True Wildlife Conservation Is What We’re About!2021-06-03T23:24:27+01:00

The plight of the pangolins!


Pangolins aka 'scaly anteaters' are tragically the most trafficked and endangered animals in the world. They are delightful creatures. They have no teeth and their only defence is to curl up into a little ball. Against humans - this is sadly no defence at all. There are 8 species on our planet - 4 in [...]

The plight of the pangolins!2021-09-26T20:43:29+01:00
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