Responsible travel is at the heart of what we do.

Our safaris tread lightly on the environment and create local opportunity.

Alexandra’s Africa is committed to sustainable tourism in Africa.



Effective Sustainability Planning

Maximising Social and Economic Benefit for local communities

Enhancing Cultural Heritage

Conserving Resources, Biodiversity and Landscapes.


Alexandra’s Africa adheres to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Criteria which consist of the four main pillars above. Created to provide a common understanding throughout the world of “sustainable tourism”, they are the minimum principles that any tourism business should aspire to reach.


Alexandra’s Africa has begun the journey towards full certification under the Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria. As an individual, Alexandra was awarded the Council’s Certificate in Sustainable Tourism in 2018. She intends to complete certification for the whole company by the end of 2020.


Alexandra’s Africa takes its sustainability responsibilities very seriously. We…


Contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (the so called ‘SDGs’) of decent work and economic growth (SDG8), reduced inequalities (SDG10), climate action (SDG13), life below water (SDG14), life on land (SDG15) and partnerships for the goals (SDG17) as follows:

Keep ground travel to a minimum to limit CO2 emissions and reduce time spent travelling for our guests.

Work with local suppliers and experienced guides.

Support local artists and musicians.

Pay fair prices.




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Alexandra’s Talks

As a keen photographer, wildlife specialist and experienced public speaker, Alexandra presents engaging and informative talks on her love for Africa, its culture, eco-tourism and sustainability. Having spent 40 years living in and exploring southern Africa, she brings her personal experiences and insights to life. Highlighting the global goals for sustainability from the United Nations, she also discusses sustainable business model design and green supply chains. Due to the success of her solo events, she has been invited as a guest speaker at many functions, talking on topics relating to Sustainability in Tourism.

Download our List of Talks
  • Talk 1:

    Sustainability: The 300 year emergence of the concept & what it means for the future

  • Talk 2:

    Safaris in Southern Africa: The Tour Operator’s Dilemma

  • Talk 3:

    Wildlife & Cultural Tourism – Who Benefits?

  • Talk 4:

    What is happening to Our Wildlife?
    A focus on endangered species of Southern Africa.

  • Talk 5:

    Safari Photography: Tips & Tricks

  • Talk 6:

    African Safaris and the Story of a Safari Entrepreneur

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