July 2023

Who are THE LITTLE 5?


In our previous blog we introduced Africa's 'Big 5' and identified the other four African Animal Groups: The Little 5, The Shy 5, The Ugly 5.   In this blog we  focus on the 'Little 5 '!  The 'Little 5' are a group of much smaller animals, named inspirationally, based on the relation of their [...]

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March 2023

Is Africa Full of Snakes?


  You have booked or planning a safari in Africa, but you are concerned there are snakes, lots of them right? Should you be concerned or even take the risk? Snakes are amazing creatures and sightings of them are special, extremely rare, and a real privilege to observe in the wild, and nothing really to [...]

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February 2023

Who are THE BIG 5?


When heading off on a safari to Africa, travellers often have a wish list of animals they are hoping to see. For most people, top of the list will be 'The Big 5' : Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Rhino and Leopard.  Of course these majestic animals are a spectacular sight but did you know  there are [...]

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March 2022

Our Story


“Alexandra’s Africa was established in 2012 as a safe, sustainable, hosted, eco-cultural safari tour operating company…we have never been anything else…”   Alexandra’s lifelong passion for Southern Africa and the conservation of its wildlife, culture and local communities is the driving force behind ‘Alexandra’s Africa’. For 10 years we have been hosting eco-cultural safaris across [...]

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July 2021

Making Memories on a Safari Holiday


Making Memories on a Safari Holiday  Do you love making memories that you can savour forever? Life is all about enjoying memorable moments; and an African Safari holiday is the perfect way to create amazing memories that will last a lifetime.    As an independent safari specialist, Alexandra’s Africa ensures that making memories is easy for [...]

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