March 2022

Our Story


“Alexandra’s Africa was established in 2012 as a safe, sustainable, hosted, eco-cultural safari tour operating company…we have never been anything else…”   Alexandra’s lifelong passion for Southern Africa and the conservation of its wildlife, culture and local communities is the driving force behind ‘Alexandra’s Africa’. For 10 years we have been hosting eco-cultural safaris across [...]

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July 2021

Making Memories on a Safari Holiday


Making Memories on a Safari Holiday  Do you love making memories that you can savour forever? Life is all about enjoying memorable moments; and an African Safari holiday is the perfect way to create amazing memories that will last a lifetime.    As an independent safari specialist, Alexandra’s Africa ensures that making memories is easy for [...]

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10 Best Reasons to book an African Safari Holiday!


  There is always a reason to be sensible and choose the more affordable holiday option – possibly doing what you’ve done every year since you can remember. But you know what, maybe it’s time to splurge a bit and book an African safari holiday - the one you’ve always dreamed of - and why [...]

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June 2019

The Great Grey-Green-Greasy Limpopo: Great Rivers of Africa!


The "Great Grey-Green-Greasy Limpopo River" one of the great rivers of Africa - is a mouthful of a name but undoubtedly 'the Limpopo' is one of the most memorable of all the great rivers of Africa, and likely the rest of the world! Offering travellers an abundance of wildlife, natural beauty, history and culture – [...]

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January 2019

Planning a Safari? Five MUST ASK Questions!


Planning a safari in Africa? A Safari is on the wish list for many people I meet. It is often the holiday of a lifetime, or a celebration of a special anniversary, or a very special treat for a loved one or for oneself.  Whatever the reason, the last thing anyone wants to happen, especially [...]

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