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March 2022

Our Story


“Alexandra’s Africa was established in 2012 as a safe, sustainable, hosted, eco-cultural safari tour operating company…we have never been anything else…”   Alexandra’s lifelong passion for Southern Africa and the conservation of its wildlife, culture and local communities is the driving force behind ‘Alexandra’s Africa’. For 10 years we have been hosting eco-cultural safaris across [...]

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August 2021

8 ways to travel more sustainably!


A question we are often asked is, "How can I travel more sustainably?". In today's world, many of us are trying to work out how we can explore new places but ensure we still preserve its culture, beauty and wildlife. With high visitor numbers negatively impacting cities, cultural attractions and eco-systems; poorer communities often ignored [...]

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July 2021

Making Memories on a Safari Holiday


Making Memories on a Safari Holiday  Do you love making memories that you can savour forever? Life is all about enjoying memorable moments; and an African Safari holiday is the perfect way to create amazing memories that will last a lifetime.    As an independent safari specialist, Alexandra’s Africa ensures that making memories is easy for [...]

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December 2019

Experiencing a little Elephant Time 🐘


  The wonderful thing about a safari holiday is you never know what you are going to see in the bush. One can never predict. Whether it is on a game drive, or when sitting relaxing back at the lodge.  Sometimes these experiences can be quite transformational, and enormously engaging, involving all the senses as [...]

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May 2019

True Wildlife Conservation Is What We’re About!


The Issues of Human-Wildlife Interaction! For some a trip to Southern Africa must include, not just photographs of the area’s magnificent wildlife, but pictures of them directly interacting with these wild animals – for example, petting lion cubs, riding elephants or walking with cheetahs. On an Alexandra’s Africa Safari however, you will only get up close and [...]

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