The wonderful thing about a safari holiday is you never know what you are going to see in the bush. One can never predict. Whether it is on a game drive, or when sitting relaxing back at the lodge.  Sometimes these experiences can be quite transformational, and enormously engaging, involving all the senses as we listen, watch, and feel what is happening and share the special moment. One such event happened recently involving a wonderful elephant that we named George.

It was early summer in South Africa, the sun was starting to set, and I was sitting with our guests enjoying the sounds of the evening bush, when a large elephant bull gently and almost silently approached the lodge and quietly make his way across the gardens, looking for young trees with new growth and the more succulent and juicy plants to be found in the garden. This was repeated over the ensuing days, and each day, George came a little closer to the lodge. At times he was a little too close for comfort perhaps, but there are no fences around the lodge so all forms of wildlife from the smallest elephant shrews with their tiny little trunks, to the larger cats, antelopes and elephants – all roam freely. We were careful not to interact in any way, but we were treated to this wonderful immersive experience – enjoying quiet time with the elephant. It meant being vigilant as we moved about the lodge, but seeing an elephant pass so closely from where we were sitting, quietly and respectfully watching this wonderfully massive creature who is in turn cautiously and interestedly watching us, was a very special experience – the awe of which seemed to bring us all a little closer together. These are special quite intimate almost transformational moments where reality melts away and all the senses are engaged in the moment.

It is special moments like this, enjoying them with our guests that makes doing what we do so special.

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